1998 Gammelgård, Herlev;
2001 Palæfløjen, Roskilde Artunion;
Kunstverein Swissttal, Bonn, Germany
2005 Roskilde Museum, “Pieces of the past – art and history in dialogue”
2008 Roskilde Museum, ”How to win the peace – art and history in dialogue”
2015 The Nabokov Museum Gallery, Saint. Petersburg, Russia
2016 LBgallery, Copenhagen, with Josephine Ernst
2017 Townhall of Gentofte;
Townhall of Albertslund;
Korup, Fyn: "Myths and Legends" with Luis Blanchard;
Region House of Zealand

1997 Galleri Syd, regular artist until 2002
1999 Woodshop – landart in Boserupskoven. Artproject;
Scandinavian drawing trienal: Rana Museum, Norway; Sundsvall Museum, Sweden;
Gallery F15, Norway; Nordanå, Sweden.
2000 Landart Park of Pedvale, open air museum, Letland,
2001 Dumont Kunsthalle, Cologne, Germany
2003 Sophienholm, Lyngby, ”Spica-Art-Dialogue”
Museum of Contemporary Art/ light and sound, Roskilde “Spica-Art-Dialogue”
Sophienholm, Lyngby, ”Spica-Art-Dialogue”;
Museum of Contemporary Art/ light and sound, Roskilde, “Spica-Art-Dialogue”
2006 Benalla, Victoria, Australia, 3rd Drawing Biennale
2007 Museet for Samtidskunst, project ”Machinepower”;
Roskilde Museum, ”Fantasmagorisk”, project ”Machinepower”;
Steps Gallery, Carlton, Australia 3rd. Drawing Biennale;
2010 Musicon, Roskilde, ”Regionalen”, curated by ”The art Council”;
Palæfløjen, Roskilde Art Union, ”Across the Border”
2014 Galleri Jessheim, Oslo,”Bienal de Art Indigena, Travelling exhibition”;
Joachim Rongs Galerie, Berlin, Germany; Gjethuset, Frederiksværk, ”Whirr of Wings”;
”Bienal de Arte Indigena 2014”, Quito, Ecuador;
Die Fotogalerie Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany, “Identity Lost”, (Whirr of wings”)
Fotografiens Hus, Oslo, Norway, ”Nærvær og tab”, (”Whirr of Wings”)
2015 Gallery Nørballe, Als, ”Mermaids and Madams.”;
Gallery Nomad, Berlin, Germany, ”Winter Exhibition”;
Pakhuset, Nykøbing SJ. “Mermaids and Madams”;
Hvidovre Art Association, Copenhagen, “New Reality” Whirr of Wings”;
Pakhuset, Nykøbing SJ. “Whirr of wings”, “Elements”
2016 Copenhagen Town Hall, “Tribute,Expressed on Paper”, and
Skagen Odde Naturcenter, ”A tribute to Anna Ancher”: KKS 100years jubilee
2017 Kunst auf Rezept – KünstlerInnen stellen Rezepte aus – Bienale Venedig

AWARDS: First Honour Place to the Artistic Merit of the V Biennial de Arte Indigena, 2014

”Roskilde in Talsi”, ”Artists in the county of Roskilde”, ”Artpanorama”,
”Art and Artists in the region of Zeeland”, ”Brennpunkt”,
"Magazin für Fotografie" 1-2014

”Modsætning, Frisætning, Dialog” – Kulturby 96;
”Woodshop” 1999 (landart in Boserup forest);
”Spica – Art – Dialogue” 2003;
”Machinepower – art and history in dialogue” 2007;
”Across the Border” 2010.

Artist statement:
In my work I tell a story about feelings, atmosphere and events of life using the language of drawing and painting instead of words. I try to communicate without using the spoken and written language.
My most important tool is drawing. I keep turning back to this activity and find both pleasure and much sense in doing so. I take great care when choosing my motives. I often use a specific motive in a series of pictures – thus seeking to let the motives contribute to the intention of my work.
My artwork often brings fairytales in mind. In this universe I find a contrast between good and evil/ beauty and ugliness/ confidence and fear /.. that keeps fascinating me. I want my work of art to reflect these contradictions of life.
Just as old Danish folktales, told through generations, contains a certain pattern – a specific rhythm, the repetition of some elements and magic numbers - my work uses rhythm, patterns and repetitions as important parts. Motives such as birds, flowers or insects might be used to create a universe of poetry and dreams – and by placing these elements in a landscape with some surprising or dangerous details the vision is challenged or contradicted. Or the contradiction may occur by placing a dangerous motive in a peaceful environment. I want my work suggest and to bring up questions rather than to give definite answers. To give birth to dreams as well as nightmares and bring both comfort and discomfort at the same time.
While I am working questions seems to rise during the process. Also new ideas and feelings come to my mind and onto the canvas or paper. I think my best work is created when I give much room to intuition and “stomach feelings” and thus allow the story I am telling to change directions during the process. And I find that my best works of art are the ones with more than one question and more than one answer.

Roskilde, 29.05.2011
Dorte Bundesen.