"How to win the Peace", The Museum of Roskilde, 2009
The exhibition “How to win the peace” is part of the exhibition “The conclusion of peace in Roskilde” at Roskilde Museum about the end of the war between Denmark and Sweden in February, 1658.

”How to win the peace” is a collaboration between the museum and the artist Dorte Bundesen. By using art as a lens to look at the past and thus understand the past in a present perspective, the exhibition attempts to examine the question asked in the exhibition title:
What does it take to win the peace?
To win a war takes resource – to win the peace costs resource. What does it take to keep the peace?

Water is a vital resource
Water is the theme of the exhibition. It consists of installations, projections and drawings by the artist and historical objects presented by the museum. “How to win the peace" is the third exhibition based on the collaboration “Art and history in dialogue” between Roskilde Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art and artist Dorte Bundesen. Past exhibitions were: “Pieces of the past”, 2005 and Machinepower- art and history in dialogue, 2007.