From the secondnd of July untill the third of August I showed the exhibition: "Turn inside out" at The Vladimir Nabokov Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

In this exhibition I took my point of departure in selected poems by Vladimir Nabokov trying to create a dialogue between me and the artist, now dead. I try to visualize my understanding of his poems while exploring his poetry, looking for everlasting and still felt emotions - a deeper universal sense reaching out to all of us - even today. I want to bring the essence of this dialogue between poetry and pictures to the public, hoping to create a more profound understanding of his and my art, and – hopefully – another bridge between the Russian and the Danish people.

The exhibition presented about 40 of my new works. It included original drawings, print graphics, art photography and an installation.

The basic series of works are made in my own original technique: multilayer images printing. I have digitalized and modified photographic images and combine multiple elements printed on different media to create a single unique image.